Mobile Massage Therapy
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Massage, mobility, and stretch therapy to help individuals find long-term relief.

Treatment Options


Deep Tissue

Total body or body part specific upon request. After a thorough warm up, I slowly pin and iron out your muscles dropping my 160lbs of bodyweight onto your body. You will experience about a 7-8/10 on the pain scale. This is not a relaxing modality. This “steam roll session” is meant to cause a structural change in your body and restore adequate posture.

Thai Massage

Let’s hit the floor. A very versatile modality that improves range of motion and relieves tense muscles. A combination of massage and stretch. Clothes need to be baggy to allow for full movement of body. As stated previously, this modality is performed on the floor on a dense mat, optimizing a feeling of being grounded and relaxed.


This has often been described as a powerfully relaxing modality. Swedish style massage is the best option for those who need help calming their mind and body. Swedish is a series of long and firm strokes that promote a release of feel good hormones, while aiding in decreasing those pesky stress-inducing hormones like Cortisol or Norepinephrine.


The unsung hero. The underdog. The ace in the hole. The peanut butter AND jelly. Regular stretching arguably has more benefits than regular massage. Stretching is what animals do every day- you don’t see a lion or elephant walking around with a bulging disc, why is that? Because they stretch and move. This modality requires you to completely give me your limbs to move up, around, and over. We will hold each stretch for 1-2 min. By the end of the session, you will be taller than when you woke up that morning and feeling like the cosmos is hugging your body.

Stomach & Digestion

This modality has the potential to break through the Hoover Dam that is your stomach. Stomachs like to hold onto everything, from muscle tension to deep/hidden emotions that need to make their way out of you. After a thorough warm-up, I will apply deep and steady pressure into different zones of your stomach, while you relax and take calm breaths against my hand pressure. This can be extremely uncomfortable, but like my mentors say- I am not hurting you; I am helping you.

Couples & Friends

Me and my massage associate provide two tables for two simultaneous massages.


At this time I am limiting my availability to only 4 appointments per week.





San Diego County

I book appointments within 50 miles of San Diego County.


I am Sliding Scale. Rates start at $45. If a treatment cost is above your budget- talk to me about what price works for you and we will make something work.

Payment Options

Cash (preferably) or venmo to be paid at the end of the session.

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